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    Our app developers not only work on the native app development for iphone and android they are also turning your websites into responsive designs, that work accross ipad tablets,iphones,Android, Windows and new blackbeery 10 phones and thier playbook. Our app development team in Lonodn work accross different devices and different platforms.
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    Multi-device Support

    wedoApps have been developing mobile applications since 2008, and offer offer a complete mobile app development service in London UK. We have several teams of developers working on clients apps and all bringing in bespoke features to give your app that unique look and feel.

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We offer a range of bespoke built options tailored for your own business

  • (User Interface Design)
  • Location Services
  • Embedded Database
  • Connectivity to api's
  • Multimedia services video
  • Great support
  • Google Maps
  • Social media feeds
  • Email
  • Scanning technology
  • Photo intergration
  • Camera & Video support
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