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How much does it cost to develop an app

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    In the past 8 years , the app market has exploded, a billion downloads and everyone looking to develop apps, we try to answer the question how much does an app cost, and will the costs change when developing for other platforms with a smaller market share such as Windows 10 apps or even Blackberry apps.
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    Types of apps

    There are many kinds of apps that you can have developed,Lifestyle apps,marketing apps, food apps, dating apps and many more. When developing a business app it is important to get your ideas down on paper and to write a simple specification. Consider the idea and try to visulise your app, what it will look like , how it will function. Also how you are going to market your app.

    Write an app specification

    Its great having an good idea , and even great when friends love it too, but developers need details, a good spec will save you money. For instance what happens when the app loads, if I press a button, is there a home screen and a menu?, ask questions and provide answers in your app specs. Try to be detailed as you will benefit from details in the final price.

    Wireframe or prove sketch ideas for the interface

    Pictures paint a thousand words..This is true and to deliver a spec and some simple wireframes or screens of how you see your app looking are a great help. If you invest your time in this then costs will be lower, or perhaps invest in getting a designer to mockup your app. This saves time and money and you can really see the concept and if it works before giving it to a development company to code. If you invest in wireframes and a bit of a design costs will be lower.

    App development costs

    So how nuch does an App costs? Business apps with a good selection of screens such as a table based/wordpress app  or an app with a simple concept and unique idea can cost between £2000 -£8000.

    Business apps with a database backend or web service and business logic, using camera features, pdf documents and branded design can cost between £10,000 - £20,000.

    Enterprise apps with multiple screens business logic, secure data, login areas and content managed can cost between £25,000 -£80,000.

    Allow for bespoke design elements and bespoke app functionality.

    App additions

    iBeacon apps, unique video streaming apps, gps tracking or bespoke api's can be added the best way forward is to build a good platform for your app and then consider additional functionality once you have a bug free platform. Usability is key with good functionality and sometimes less is more. Try to not think of everything all at once and prioritise the features. and remember marketing your app and testing your app are an essential process.


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SImple checklist

  • Write down your idea and ask questions about it.
  • Describe what your app does in a specificiation.
  • Consider a simple wireframe or sketch the screens.
  • Specify platforms. ios Android and considere icons and retina screens.
  • List functionality.
  • Budget.
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