App Frequently asked questions from the app developers

  • 1. Why iPhone and iPad android and blackberry apps?

    Over 90 million phones sold to date,Almost 150,000 app downloads per day,Effective access to a rapidly growing audience..

  • 2. Who benefits from an iphone , Windows 8 Blackberry 10 and Android app?

    Any business can benefit from having their own iPhone app! Travel, recruitment, entertainment, smaller companies have a great way to gain competitive advantage over much larger businesses. They can target niche products, to wrap up into an app for both tablet and phone platforms that engage, entertain, inform and market their skills, products and services.

  • 3. How much does an app cost?

    The real answer is that the cost for creating a new iPhone app depends on the features you need incorporated into an app and how you want the app to be used.

    There are many ways to keep the costs down on your first custom iPhone, Android or Blackberry project.


app developer Milton KeynesWhere to start? A well thought out plan with requirements for your application is the place to start. Having an idea written down, with the functions and features really helps getting started. Remember mobile phones have limited resources available to them comapred with your desktop computer, they have a smaller processor and less memory, so often an iPhone app is designed around a single theme with a series of functions, a nice and easy to use interface and a relevant set of features all helps.This is the key to getting a really good app in the app store.  As well as marketing preparations and your time spent on it.

Work with a developer or company that have experience and have learnt to save costs through already implementing typical features a business may want.

for example: map locations, social media, video & sound, search facilities.

Work closely with the developer to keep the timeline on a tight schedule. Allow time for a small prototype to be built to give you a flavour of how the interface and functions will work before proceeding with the final version. Using a wire frame, or a storyboard will help you visualise the app and identify improvements that can be made before you developer codes..

Most native app's can be prototyped quickly, usually a framework put in place in a couple of weeks, but as always, the devil is in the detail. We often storyboard screens and interface elements into a wireframe to know how each element will work, and for you to see the functionality close up to get important feedback.

One simple rule to remember is  Time + Complexity  = Costs

With this in mind, it is always important to look at getting a small brief down on paper before a quote is given. This will not only help you think more about the app you want, but it will also guide you into what else might be needed from a functionality point of view. Check the Apple app store for your app and ideas, we often do this ourselves to make clients aware if apps that exist in their own categories that may be similiar.

We have pre-written functions and features that can be customised to fit your needs, however features are only restricted by your creativity and budget.

"What to do next"

We would like to hear your ideas for your app, why not give us a Call on 01908 410535 or send us an email.

We will be happy to quote you for the cost of your app.